What is Michron

Michron is a device that connects to your camera to enable it to take time-lapses. Michron is programmed by your smartphone, and it's compatible with most DSLR cameras. To take a time-lapse, simply program Michron from your phone, connect it to your camera, and sit back while Michron takes the images that will create your time-lapse. You can then follow one of our short tutorials to see how to turn your still images into a time-lapse using free or paid software. 



What is a Time-lapse 

A timelapse is a video in which each frame is composed of a still image. This results in video that appears to be very sped up relative to normal time-scales, but it also allows for some effects that cannot be captured in regular video. 


Features and Specs

Programming Compatibility: Michron can be programmed from any iOS or Android device, as well as your PC

Camera Compatibility: Most DSLR cameras, but please check our list

Battery Life: 2000+ hours of time-lapse with the included, replaceable, battery 

Weight: At under 1 oz, you will hardly notice Michron your bag. 

Dimensions: 1.2" short, 1.2" narrow, .75" thin, and designed to sit in your camera's hotshoe


Advanced Features

Michron can be programmed to take photos at a regular interval (for instance 1 photo every 5 seconds) or you can take advantage of it's advanced features to capture some fantastic effects such as : 

  • Bulb Ramping: The exposure is altered during the time-lapse to capture changing light conditions 
  • Interval Ramping: The interval with which photos are taken is smoothly changed throughout the time-lapse
  • HDR: Take multiple images at different exposure levels for each frame to take HDR time lapses

Compatiable with your smart phone and DSLR

Compatible with most DSLR cameras, Michron is compatible with iOS, Android, and your PC.
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